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Latest News: The European Stroke Conference was held in Nice in May 2014. Main outcomes were the lack of benefit for additional oxygen in the Stroke SOS study and Nitrates in the ENOS study. These were large scale well run excellent UK trials with thousands of patients and credit goes to their investigators. The search goes on to look for early interventions to improve outcomes


Welcome to all of those involved with the management of patients with Stroke. I hope you find it of interest. The main rationale for this sute is to preovide high quality stroke information for professionals and public free on the internet and is part of my work towards promoting free access to medical knowledge online. ALso see my Bookmark the page and please come back again.

If you have any comments or would like to donate images or any other teaching material then please contact me. I have based the content broadly on the Stroke and Vascular Fellowship curriculum. Email: drokane at

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